Psionic Abilities

Psionic abilities in Hârn is a limited set of powers built much like spells, but with a few differences, most importantly that these abilities are more "inherent" and they do not rely much on physical ritual to perform.

To ensure some rarity, a 5-point Unusual Background is required to have Psionic powers.

Under these rules being psionic is bought as a Power with a Power Modifier of (Psionic, -10%). Power Talent is 5 points/level

The list of powers is: Affiction (Unluckiness, DX penalty, IQ penalty), Clairvoyance, Danger Sense, Detect (Magic, Psionics), Healing, Innate Attack (Fire, FP damage), Insubstantiality w. Projection, Medium, Neutralize, Precognition, Psychometry, Telecommunication (Telesend), Telekinesis.

Preparation Required is a common Limitation, as is Costs Fatigue. These powers, like spells, may require the Requires IQ Roll limitation and has skills associated with them that replace the IQ roll.

To get a Unique ability (one not on the list), take a further 5-point Unusual Background.

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