Neutral Spells


A spell to remove/nullify an ongoing spell.

GURPS Ability: Static (Magick) (30).
Enhancements: Malediction (-1/yd) (+100%)
Limitations: Magick (-10%), Costs Fatigue 3 (-15%), Requires Speech and Gestures (-20%), Takes Extra Time 1 (-10%), Max Duration (1 second) (-75%), Resistible (-50%).
Feature: Effect is instantaneous, and the target ability is disrupted, needing reactivation.

Total Cost: 6 points (-80%)

Skill: Dispell (Will/H)

This spell let's the caster affect a person or under an ongoing spell in a attempt to nullify it. The target spell resists at the skill level at which it was cast. Casting time is 1 turn. Further enhancements often come in the form of Area Effect (which lets it affect more than one person or object and fight area spells).

Eye of Kemdal

A spell to sense spatio-temporal discontinuities (barasi points, godstones et. al.)

GURPS Ability: Detect (Rare: Spatio-Temporal discontinuities) (5)
Enhancements: None
Limitations: Costs Fatigue 2 (-10%), Magick (-10%)

Total Cost: 4 (-20%)

Skill: Eye of Kemdal (Per/H)

This ability provides the direction to the discontinuities sensed. A succesful IQ roll following a succesful casting will provide the exact nature of the discontinuty: Barasi Point, Godstone etc.


The ability to maintain spells is part of the Costs Fatigue feature, which must be applied to most spells.

Tongue of Pvara

A spell to enable basic communication between two people

GURPS Ability: Telecommunication (Telesend) (30)
Enhancements: Universal (Broken) (+25%)
Limitations: Costs Fatigue 4/2 (-20%), Magick (-10%), Sense-based (Hearing) (-20%), Takes extra time 3 (-30%).

Total Cost: 14 (-55%)

Skill: Tongue of Pvara (IQ/H)

This ability enables basic communication between the caster and the target as if a common language was known at the Broken level.

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