Martial Arts

Several character types have martial training. In the setting of Hârn such training uses the Realistic mode if the Martial Arts rules are employed.

Knights use the High Medieval Knightly Combat Training style as the base of their capabilities.

Soldiery and mercenaries, especially feudal and viking, use the Sword-and-Shield style, although some might practice Shortsword Fighting.

The Legions of Tharda use Armatura as the base for their fighting practices.

Many from militaristic backgrounds will also have Combat Wrestling and Dagger Fighting.

Some flamboyant knights and captains might practice something eqivalent to Longsword Fighting (using such adapted bastard swords)

Militia will generally not have styles, mostly being people with about a single character point in perhaps the Polearm or Spear skill, but dedicated individuals might have a style such as Glaive fighting.

Some civilians might be advanced enough to master the Quarterstaff style

Agrikan practices for the arenas and in some fighting orders will use Pankration as it's base

Orbaaleese will probably be proficient at something like Viking Spear Fighting

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