Job Table

Note that in the generally feudal societies of Hârn, Status and Wealth walk very tightly hand in hand. It is rare for people to be able to get into jobs more profitable that their status indicates (a status 1 person holding a status 2 job eg., thus generating relatively abundant surplus cash)

Also note that through the dynamics of the GURPS 4e wealth system, the Independent Income advantage cannot make a character "self-dependent", unless the character also has more Wealth than his status would indicate. This would probably be most common amongst the merchant classes, but a Knight holding several manors, but falling short of Baron-hood or a feeholder renting out land might also qualify for this rare circumstance.

Poor Jobs (generally supports up to Status -2)

Struggling Jobs (generally supports up to Status -1)

Apprentice $337

Average Jobs (generally supports up to Status 0)

Journeyman craftsman

Comfortable Jobs (generally supports up to Status 1)

Bonded Master Craftsman

Wealthy Jobs (generally supports up to status 2)


Very Wealthy "Jobs" (generally supports up to Status 3)

Landed Knight
High Priest

Filthy Rich "Jobs" (generally supports up to status 4)


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