Grimoire Of The P'Var

This page contains a conversion of the Shek-P'var spells found in HârnMaster Magic 2nd ed. (1997) into abilities within the seven Magickal Powers.

One thing to note is that there will probably not be correspondence between GURPS point cost and HârnMaster Level. A spell of low level could be expected to have a low point cost, but this will not always be the case. Eg., below, the Tongue of Pvara spell, a HârnMaster Level I Neutral spell, comes in at 14 CP in it's basic form, while eg. Eye of Kemdal, another Neutral Level I spell, comes in a 4 CP. Such is the difference of the two systems.

Spell Template:

GURPS Ability:
Limitations: Costs Fatigue (-0%), Magick (-10%)
Total Cost:

Skill: (/H)

Spell listings

Neutral Spells

Fyvria Spells

Jmorvi Spells

Lyahvi Spells

Odivshe Spells

Peleahn Spells

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