Ecclesiastical Powers

All the Powers mentioned below have a corresponding Talent of 5 points/level, with a max. of 4 levels. Also noted will be the Pacts and other requirements needed by the pious.

Blessed is not included in any of these as this advantages can be purchased as it's described to give more specific boons, an air of "profetness" etc.

Priests of Larani and Peoni may take True Faith if they so desire, but not as Power adventages, only as "ordinary" advantages.

Any Priest may take their Deity as a Patron as mentioned elsewhere, to petition for aid/intervention when in need (this is actually the way priestly powers worked in the 1st ed. of HârnMaster, the dedicated system for Hârnworld)

Only ordained priests may begin to develop powers - this requires Rank 3 as clergy. This includes the Clerical Investment advantage. One caveat: Lesser clergy or persons from lay organizations (Fighting Orders, Utriem Roliri eg.) may develop powers based on Perks. These still require the usual limitations, and skills to activate, but still cost at least 1 CP. No final list of Perks is given. Use GM discretion for such minor magics.


Abilities: Affliction (DX penalty, Painful & Unpleasant effects, Stun by sound), Ally w. Summonable, Control (Fire), Damage Resistance (Fire), Detect, DX Bonus, High Pain Threshold, HT Bonus, Innate Attack (melee Fire), Striking ST, Trained by a Master, Weapon Master

Pact: Code of Honour (Power to the Mighty) -10%


Abilites: Acute Senses, Affiction (Pleasurable Effects, Pain), Ally w. Summonable, Appearance, Charisma, Detect, Empathy, Healing (disease), Language Talent, Mind Control w. Emotion Control, Musical Ability, Resistant (Disease), Voice

Pact: Code of Honour (Emotions above all, Power of Women) (-10%)


Abilities: Affliction (Regenerative Advantages, Blindness), Ally w. Summonable, Animal Empathy (Ivashu), Create, Control, Detect, Doesn't Eat or Drink, DX Bonus, HT Bonus, Innate Attack (Toxic Breath or Strike), Language (Ivashi), Shapeshifting (Alternate Form), ST Bonus, Talent (Gifted Artist).

Pact: Code of Honour: Beauty in Creation, Duty to the faithful (-10%)


Abilities: Affliction (DX penalty, Unconsciousness), Ally w. Summonable, Create (Light), Damage Resistance, Detect, DX Bonus, Enhanced Block, Fearlessness, Hard to Kill, Hard to Subdue, HT Bonus, Intuition, Striking ST, Trained by a Master, Weapon Master

Pact: Chivalric Code, -15%


Abilities: Ally w. Summonable, Detect, Doesn't Breathe, Doesn't Eat or Drink, Doesn't Sleep, Dominance, Injury Tolerance (Unliving), Innate Attack (Bukrai), Possession, Resistant, Terror


Abilities: Affiction (Disadvantages, Affictions), Ally w. Summonable, Brachiator, Breakfall, Chameleon, Clinging, Combat Reflexes, Detect, Elastic Skin, Enhanced Dodge, Flexibility, Invisibility, Night Vision, Perfect Balance, Silence, Slippery, Super Climbing, Super Jump,

Pact: Fanaticism, -15%


Abilities: Affliction (Regenerative advantages), Ally w. Summonable, Detect, Empathy (Detect Lies), Extra Fatigue Points, Fit, HT Bonus, Innate Attack (Fatigue), Less Sleep, Lifting ST, Medium, Mind Control w. Emotion Control, Plant Empathy, Rapid Healing, Recovery, Regeneration, Regrowth, Resistant

Pact: Vow of Chastity and Celibacy, -10%


Abilites: Affliction (Berserk), Ally w. Summonable, Amphibious, Combat Reflexes, Control (Weather), Detect, Doesn't Breathe (Underwater), DX Bonus, Extra Attack, HT Bonus, Move, Striking ST, Trained by a Master, Weapon Master


Abilities: Affliction (disadvantages, eg. Stuttering or Truthfulness), Charisma, Clairsentience, Compartmentalized Mind, Danger Sense, Detect, Eidetic Memory, Empathy, Enhanced Time Sense, Illusion, Language Talent, Luck, Magic Resistance, Mind Probe, Mind Reading, Mind Shield, Mindlink, Precognition, Psychometry, Single-Minded, Social Chameleon, Will bonus

Pact: Code of Honour: To obtain, preserve and shape knowledge (-10%)


Abilities: 360 degree vision, Absolute Direction, Absolute Timing, Altered Time Rate, Animal Empathy, Binding (Plants), Dark Vision, Detect, Insubstantiality, Jumper, Medium, Obscure (Mists), Plant Empathy, See Invisible, Shapeshifting (Alternate Form), Spirit Empathy,

Pact: Patience and blessed forgetfullness (-10%)

Sample Abilities:

Note: There are some Limitations that will see use with just about every ability:

  • The Pact Limitation for the Faith
  • Some version of Costs Fatigue MUST be included
  • Requires IQ roll must be included for powers that do not already require such rolls
  • Requires Prayer & Ritual (-20%) must also usually be included to represent the words and pious gesturing that must accompany the activation of a Divine power.


GURPS Advantage: Affliction (Regeneration)

For a Peonian:

Using Slow Regeneration:

Affliction: Base 10 points.
Gives Regeneration (Slow, Limited: Natural Healing Processes, -40%), a 6-point Advantage: +60%
Gives HT +1 for use with Natural Healing Processes Only, -80%), a 2-points Advantage: +20%
Requires Prayer & Ritual Movements - equivalent to P'var Gestures and Speech: -20%
Pact: -10%
Costs Fatigue 1: -5%
Accessibility: Only when resting: -30%
Range Touch: -35%
Requires IQ roll: -10%

So far so good … but Slow Regeneration only works once every 12 hours … so this version will have to use extended duration to have a chance of effect. The HT roll from the t target gives 1 minute pr. level of success. To make this 12 hours pr. level of success we need x 1000 in duration factor, for +120%

Total is thus: +200%, -110% = +90% => cost = 10 x 1.9 = 19 points.

The version for Regeneration (Regular) only needs to have Extended Duration x100 for +80% to make it 1 roll pr. hour, but the advantage modifier goes up to +150%, so for this it becomes +250%, -110% for +140%, giving a cost of 10 x 2.4 = 24 points.

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