The same principles as for Advantges go for disadvantages: Mundane Physical, Mental and Social disadvantagesis the norm, with Racial, Cinematic and Supernatural Disadvantgages coming in as part of magick or other powers.

Some special disadvantages particular the setting:


P'varic secretism - the "run of the mill" sorcerer keeps his nature under wraps, and this is a -5 point Secret. If exposed it turns into the social stigma: Social Stigma (known P'var) is good for a -2 reaction and -10 points. Either of these two can be taken by a P'var, and they do not count against the disadvantage limit.

Vow: There are several vows that can be taken. Some are institutional, and thus fall under the rule of not counting against the disadvantage limit:

Peonian ethics, chastity & celibacy: -10
Laranian ethics: Equivalent to the Chivalric Code, -15
P'varic Code: -15, as penaties for transgression are severe.

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