Basic Character Creation

Before getting into the specifics of creating characters for Hârn using GURPS, I will note that much work has already been done by others, even if it is not Hârn specific.

Brian C. Smithson has made the GURPS Historical Folks (pdf) template collection available to the public (it was intended as an official publication, but became a GURPS fanon ebook instead). The publication is statted for GURPS 3rd ed., but Jeff Klein, Infornific and the Rev. Pee Kitty has produced a set of 4th ed. stats (pdf) to accompany the original compilation. As these works are as fine as any fanon produced for Hârn specifically, I hereby present them as the primary resource for character generation notes for GURPS Hârn - for characters with mundane backgrounds anyway.

That said, specific notes for Hârn are needed:

Character Points

HârnWorld is a setting that strives to maintain a degree realism in it's environment. The vast majority of characters encountered in this setting may be assumed to be in the 25-75 point range. To be a heroic character in this setting thus starts at around 125 points or so. Higher point totals should be used for members of high society, as their social advantages are often extensive.

This conversion assumes that the Disadvantage Limit optional rule, set at 50% of starting points, is in effect. Also, the usual standard of up to five quirks is allowed. This means that a character set at a total of 150 positive points, can have up to a total of 230 positive points, 75 negative points (-75 points), and five quirk points (-5 points).


Basic Attributes

Basic attributes are chosen as usual, and are only modified by Race.

Secondary Characteristics

Secondary Characteristics are also chosen as usual. As this is a realistic setting, large modifiers to eg. Hit Points and Fatigue should be avoided. Follow the guidelines in the GURPS Basic Set: Characters book.


Build, height and weight are set as pr. the GURPS guidelines. See the notes on variations in the Hârnic human populations, in the Races section.

Age and Beauty

These features are also set according to the GURPS guidelines. Again, refer to the Races section.

Social Background

Tech Level

Hârn has a Tech Level 3 baseline. On the island of Hârn itself there is no higher TL, and almost all of the barbaric tribes have lower technological capabilities than the civilised nations. Again, notes on the specifics of this can be found in the Races section.


The Major Cultures of Lythia, the continent which Hârn belongs to, follow the linguistic associations: Jarind, Pharic, Azeri, Anzelan, Mafani, Molkuran, Reshenic, Ketaric and Numec culture are valid Familiarities.

Hârn is a culturally mixed area, but the civilised lands are mostly influenced by Pharic Culture, and this is thus the free familiarity for most civilised Hârnians. However, Jarind culture has enough presense that this familiarity may be chosen as the free familiarity as well. Characters with a free familiarity other than Pharic, that have had extensive dealings with the civilised nations, are encouraged to purchase familiarity with Pharic culture as well.

Clergy in churches with origins in diffent cultural zones may have familiarity with those cultures as well (mostly Azeri).

Sindarin and Khûzdul culture are separate cultures. Non-elder folk, exept maybe for Jarin living in proximity of the elder folk (and this is not even a given), will only have familiarity with these cultures in rare circumstances.


The default language for Hârnic characters is Harnic. GURPS 4th ed. assumes that the default is the ability to speak, read and write one's language. On Hârn, however, most characters will be Illiterate (a -3 point diadvantage) or Semi-literate (-2 points).

Good candidates for other languages are Jarinese, various Tribal languages, Orbaalese, Ivinian, Harbaalese, Shorka, Emela, Trierzi and Karejian, all of which are encountered by Hârnians home and abroad, mostly via trade. High Azeryani is a choice for scholars and the social elite.

Wealth and Influence

Starting Wealth

The basic starting wealth of a Hârnic campaign is $1000 in GURPS terms, the GURPS standard for TL 3. In Hârnic terms this becomes 250d (pence, see Currency below).

On Hârn status and wealth goes hand in hand. If you are a full-fleged knight eg., you'll need a deep purse (at least Wealthy, probably more) or an equipment-providing Patron to carry the investment.

On the other hand, most people on Hârn are probably Struggling or outright Poor, wealthwise. Even Average Wealth is quite an achievement.

For notes on Status and Rank, see the Status Table page.


Characters buy and sell equipment according to the GURPS price tables. Note that this changes Hârnic realities a bit, lowering the relative price of especially armour.

Equipment and goods not found in the GURPS materials may be found in HârnWorld price lists.

Addition 2011: Note that GURPS Low-Tech for GURPS 4th ed. is out - a great ressource for this setting.

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