GURPS HârnWorld - a conversion guide for GURPS 4th ed.

Welcome to this GURPS and Hârn fansite. A long tradition for using GURPS with the astonishing roleplaying setting HârnWorld exsist, with Michael Cule providing the first rounded presentation back in the article "A Whole New World: GURPS on Hârn", in Roleplayer #26 in 1991, based on the pre-compendium GURPS 3rd ed. rules, the original HârnMaster rules (now in their 3rd ed.). An internet search for GURPS Hârn will reveal several newer projects, although no concerted effort aimed at the GURPS 4th edition rules have appeared as of the starting day of this project (October 1st, 2006)

GURPS is published by Steve Jackson Games. The SJG site is also the gateway to a host of GURPS resources, including the SJG internet forums, where GURPS has a very active section.

HârnWorld and HârnMaster currently have two somewhat competing publishers (mostly on the rules front, which of course is of lesser importance for this effort - but read all about it on HârnForum): Columbia Games (the original publisher) and Kelestia Productions (the company of Hârn's original creator, N. R. Crossby. NRC has sadly left this world for Yashain since, a victim of cancer).

The fan community surrounding HârnWorld and HârnMaster is a very active, impressive, complex and diverse "entity". HârnForum, and the fanon publishing site Lythia.com, are great places to begin to explore the width and breath of all things Hârnic.

To use this site, explore the groups.

Welcome to the World of Hârn as seen through the lens of GURPS.

The Wrathchild

Basic Character Creation






Supernatural Powers

Grimoire of the P'var

Ecclesiastical Powers

Psionic Abilities

Economics - The GURPS Way

Economics - The Hârn Way

Status Table

Job Table

The notes of others

GURPS Hârn Ressources

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